Monday, 5 January 2009


We did not really use this blog much. Anyway - I played around with the layout a bit.

Happy new year and all the best for the year of the Ox!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Hong Kong

Finally, we get this one started as well.

As we need to get out of Chongqing and China once in a while, Hong Kong comes as one of the top choices. Although, it's technically speaken still China, you need to go through customs and immigration like leaving the country. And in addition to that: all flights from China to Hong Kong cost like international flights! So the cheapest way, although time-consuming, to get there ist to fly to Shenzhen and then either take the ferry or the train to downtown Hong Kong. Even if you stay a night in Shenzhen, it's still cheaper.

Now, to be honest, the first few times we went to Hong Kong was for pure shopping! Yes, we finally found all the stuff we didn't get here in Chongqing: clothes in "normal" sizes, photographic equipment and good western food! Believe it or not: last time we bought 5 pounds of potatoes to bring back, let alone good cheese or ham!

But what is to see in HongKong?

Nathan Road in Kowloon - don't spend too much time there, you'll get annoyed by all the copy-watch, copy-bag, and suit sellers in no time! But dive into the side roads there to get a glimpse of the neon signs and old sky scrapers.
Further north in Mong Kok you find all the shops and major brands without the annoying street vendors.
And try to be at the Walk of Stars or near at night time; normally around 8pm a light- and sound show starts, including all the neon-lit buildings on the HK Central side.

On the Central side Stanley Street is THE street for photographic equipment. My favourite place is Chung Pui Photo Supplies, but all the shops there offer the same range at good prices. And no, I don't get paid for this. There is also an Apple authorized dealer not too far away - dangerous road!

Not far from that are the Mid-Level Escalators. It is not one big escalator, but rather a few dozen small ones leading up from Queens Road to Conduit Road. The longest escalator in Asia is still here in Chongqing! It's worth going up and then slowly walk you way down through the HK Zoological and Botanical Garden perhaps to the Peak Tram station. Going up the Victoria Peak, or the Peak for short, is worth espcially on clear sunny days or around sunset when all the neon lights come up.

A good place for snacks or to spend the night time is Soho. There are plenty of good restaurants and bars in all kind of styles. Of the ones we tried, we liked the Enoteca (Italian, with Prosecco on the tab) and the Scirocco (nice teracce with view over the escalator) the most.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007


G'day Mates,

this will be a parallel blog to our Going2China blog, mainly about our travels within and out of China

C U soon